American Accent

Too Much, Too Little, Not Enough

#3 album in the Independent Blues Broadcasting Association charts, September 2015


  1. My Kinda Woman                                                      MacDonald
  2. You Said You Were Leaving                                     MacDonald
  3. Heading South                                                            MacDonald
  4. Ballad of Pat Hare                                                      MacDonald
  5. The Blues Ain’t All That Bad                                    MacDonald
  6. Someday                                                                      MacDonald
  7. If I Could Only Hear My Mother Pray Again        Trad.
  8. American Accent                                                        Keir


Mississippi MacDonald and The Cottonmouth Kings – American Accent

2015 hit album from Mississippi MacDonald and the Cottonmouth Kings, featuring Sasha Jacques and a tribute to Nick Keir (1953 – 2013). Free shipping.