Dress For The Money

Dress For The Money

Released June 2016. #1 in the August 2016 Independent Blues Broadcasting Association charts. IBBA pick of the year for 2016. Saint FM’s “Blues Is Back” album of the year, 2016.

  1. Dress For The Money                                      MacDonald
  2. Too Much, Too Little, Not Enough                MacDonald
  3. Big Man, Red Suit                                             MacDonald
  4. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
  5. Blacksnake Brown                                           MacDonald
  6. Even If It Makes Me Poor                               MacDonald
  7. This Old City                                                     MacDonald
  8. When It All Comes Down                               MacDonald
  9. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (Special 20 Mix)


Mississippi MacDonald and The Cottonmouth Kings – Dress For The Money

Award winning #1 album from Mississippi MacDonald and The Cottonmouth Kings. Free shipping internationally.