With The Soul Fixers

Mississippi MacDonald and Steve Bailey – With The Soul Fixers

Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2: “Splendid…. a really really excellent album”

Independent Blues Broadcasters Association: One of the top 12 albums of 2017, October 2017 “Pick of The Month”, charted #3.

Saint FM Blues is Back Show: “Album of the Year”

BluesMagazine.NL:  “Mississippi MacDonald is, despite the moniker, an English bluesman, and a guy with his feet, soul and spirit firmly rooted in the US southern blues music tradition. Joined here by US harp player, Steve Bailey, he has turned out an excellent, searing album that simply rocks and roars along from start to finish……one of those releases that come as a welcome surprise in an overcrowded blues music world these days, with genuinely top-notch writing, musicianship and grasp of just what makes a damn, fine release.”

WA Blues Society: From the opening bars of “I’d Rather Be Blind, Crippled & Crazy,” which is performed as a tribute to O.V. Wright, Mississippi’s stellar vocals shine as do his guitar chops…….Mississippi seamlessly blends his blues with elements of R&B and country making for a unique sound. Very highly recommended


I’d Rather Be (Blind, Crippled and Crazy) – In memory of OV Wright

The album, featuring nine new Mississippi cuts was recorded at LSound Studios, London, and in Seattle, WA. With an all star band featuring US harmonica ace Steve Bailey, the Soul Fixers, and award winning UK Americana Artist Emma Jane, Mississippi pays homage to his blues, soul and country roots and on three tracks to greats OV Wright, James Booker and Frankie Miller.

Track Listing:

1. I’d Rather Be (Blind, Crippled & Crazy)    Hodges, Malone, Carter
2. Call Me Mississippi                                       MacDonald
3. Cool Water                                                     MacDonald
4. Could Have Been Alright                            MacDonald
5. Daddy Don’t Pray Anymore                       Stapleton
6. Slim Pickin’                                                   MacDonald
7. Running Out On Me                                    MacDonald
8. Matchwood                                                   MacDonald
9. Booker’s Blues                                              MacDonald, Dearing, Booker


Mississippi MacDonald and Steve Bailey – With The Soul Fixers

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