Mississippi MacDonald

Blues & Soul Musician, London

Single: I Was Wrong

The thrilling new single from Mississippi MacDonald, “I Was Wrong”, out now on APM Records. From the upcoming album, “Do Right, Say Right” (November’ 21).

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Mississippi MacDonald : Vocals and Guitar
Phil Dearing : Keyboards and Guitar
Elliot Boughen : Bass
Mark Johnson-Brown : Drums
Lucy Dearing : Backing Vocals
Produced by Phil Dearing
Mixed and Mastered at L Sound, London (info@lsound.london)

“Mississippi MacDonald brings joy to blues……….delectable cobalt blue guitar, chocolaty vocals and a fruity-fat overall sound that feels kinda spiritual as if we’re all “kneeling and praying” at Mississippi’s tabernacle for those dealing with ever-loving heartbreak……” Neil Mach, Rawramp.me

“Blues guitar hook to grab those ears with melodic horns acting as a shining beacon of what is to come……This is blues shaken with care, never stirred with anger but delivered with purposeful intent”, Liz Aitken, Bluesdoodles

“…underpinned by a classic slow-blues hook and bolstered by organ, horns, percussion and an understated but expressive Albert King styled solo from Mississippi MacDonald.”, Ross Muir, FabricationsHQ

“This song is mid-tempo, classic blues-soul-rock combo that we here in the south love to hear. Jazzed up and embellished with horns, keys and Mississippi’s soulful voice, backing vocalists, great guitar riffs, this is certainly a teaser for the full length album to come. Take a listen–you will love it!” Anita Stewart, RockAtNight.com

“…a very fine blues performance, a little like a Jimmy Reed number reinterpreted by Malaco in the 80s maybe, with big horns, cool Hammond organ, backing vocals and some sharp guitar licks in an Albert King bag…..On this evidence, he also clearly knows a thing or two about the blues…” Norman Darwen, Blues In The South

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