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Isaac Scott

Isaac Scott Live ’83 – ‘84

Gospel drenched blues vocals full of feeling. Loud edgy creative guitar.

Isaac Scott with Steve Bailey

Isaac Scott, from the moment he arrived in Seattle in the early 1970s, had the northwest blues lovers in the palm of his hand. The influence of his good friend Albert Collins was immediately apparent, and an extended solo might include anything from a bit of a TV show theme song to a Hendrix lick. His use of dynamics was powerful – as you can hear on this CD – the band could go from a roar to a whisper with great effect. Those of us playing blues in the clubs at the time were not only blown away by his guitar and vocals but also by his Hammond Organ playing and knowledge of blues and gospel recordings. He mastered the sounds of Collins, Freddie King and BB King, but was truly his own man.

Isaac’s family moved from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Vancouver, Washington, in 1943. Isaac was born there in 1945, but maintained a deep emotional tie to the south. At the age of 10 he heard the Blind Boys of Mississippi, and in the early 1960s he got to tour with his idols as a guitarist. He told me, “Riding in the station wagon with them, they began to sing and the car was so full of sound I was just overcome.” His friendship with Albert Collins was an important part of his life. Isaac’s dislike of traveling limited his exposure; for an almost 25 year period he wowed primarily northwest audiences with his powerful style. The Pioneer Square music scene was in full swing: we would pop down to Portland and occasionally head east through Idaho and Montana, or north to Vancouver.

His struggles with diabetes began to play a major role in his life in the ‘90s, and unfortunately he passed away in 2001 at only 56 years of age. A group of us – former band members, family and friends – still get together every year on his June 11th birthday to celebrate our great friend. Very little has ever been released that shows the extent of Isaac’s musical power, I hope these recordings may add to his legacy.

Steve Bailey, southparkslim@hotmail.com

Track Listing

  1. Don’t Answer the Door                                 7:55
  2. Wrapped Up in Love                                     3:28
  3. The Thrill is Gone                                          5:32
  4. Dust ‘Em                                                          5:24
  5. Pontiac Blues                                                  3:21
  6. Red House                                                       6:05
  7. Get Your Business Straight                          7:57
  8. Built For Comfort                                          4:47
  9. Baby Please                                                    5:53
  10. Same Old Blues                                             4:42
  11. Who’s Been Talkin’                                      4:10
  12. Goin’ Back To Oakland                                7:29
  13. Ego Trip                                                         12:14

Isaac Scott:                         Guitar and Vocals

Steve Bailey:                      Harp, Slide Guitar

Mark Oslund:                    Rhythm Guitar

Ric Howell:                         Drums

Tony Thomas:                   Bass


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