Download – Mississippi MacDonald & Steve Bailey: Shake ‘Em On Down


Mississippi MacDonald and Steve Bailey – Shake ‘Em On Down

“Shake ‘Em On Down” is the second collaboration between UK Blues Singer Mississippi MacDonald and Washington State Blues Society Hall of Famer, Steve Bailey.

After the success of the “With The Soul Fixers” album of September 2017, we wanted to get back to basics – just a studio, a guitar, a few harps and a bunch of songs. Most of all though, a great friendship and a rolling tape.

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Mississippi MacDonald and Steve Bailey – Shake Em On Down

Track Listing

  1. Mixed Up Fool (Bailey)
  2. Black Snake Brown  (MacDonald)
  3. Blind Leading The Blind (MacDonald)
  4. Shake ‘Em On Down
  5. Ain’t But One Thing      (Bailey)

Guitar, Vocals: Mississippi MacDonald

Harmonica, Vocals: Steve Bailey

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Phil Dearing, LSound Studios, London, UK.