Mississippi MacDonald

Blues & Soul Musician, London

“Do Right, Say Right”

Released November 19th 2021 on APM Records, this is the stunning APM Records debut album from Mississippi MacDonald – Three times Blues Awards nominee, London-based soul-blues stylist with six albums to his name on a musical journey which included meeting B.B. King and Pinetop Perkins, Otis Clay and Sam Moore.

This music celebrates that fantastic tradition and yet as the man says “It’s modern, it’s not musical archaeology”

#1 in the UK Independent Blues Broadcasters Association Charts, November 2021

#1 Roots Music Report UK Album Chart, December ’21

Top 10 – Roots Music Report Contemporary Blues and Blues Album Charts, Dec ’21, Jan ’22

#18 Living Blues Radio Chart, December ’21

Top 10, Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Chart, December ’21

Rush On Rock – #7 in the top 10 Blues Albums of 2021

Blues In The South – #8 in the Top 20 Albums of 2021

Blues Music Fan Radio – #19 in the Top 20 Blues Albums of 2021

Blues Blues – #34 in the top 50 blues albums of 2021

Kentuckiana Blues Society (US) – Top 10 Albums of 2021

“….Albert King-styled guitar and a tough vocal caps a top-flight recording. His singing is full of passion and his songs full of heart”, Ron Weinstock, Jazz and Blues Report

“Mississippi MacDonald sounds like he should be on Stax, Hi, or Malaco. He has a strongly southern inflected vocal delivery, musical accompaniment that sounds strongly like Albert King turning up on the Malaco label, a tight, controlled band that is right on the top of its form, and songs that come straight out of the classic southern soul-blues songbook.” Norman Darwen (Blues In The South, Twoj Blues Magazine”)

“I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I like it so much and the simple conclusion is that it contains a totally faultless set of beautifully played Blues…..This album should come with a sticker that says “Aural satisfaction guaranteed”. Superb.”, Simon Green, WRC

“A real treasure, Do Right, Say Right should see Mississippi MacDonald’s star continue to rise. 9/10Sonicabuse.com

“…a sharply cut gem of an album…a terrific, heart-felt effort. This is an excellent album. Enjoy it soon and often.” Jim White, Blues Roadhouse

“Alongside convincing vocals and fretwork, Mississippi MacDonald scores a bona fide blues hat-trick by way of his punchy, pungent and extremely genre-savvy lyrics.  The London-based vocalist/guitarist exudes authority on all three fronts, backed here by solid, simpatico production. 5 stars.”, Duane Verh, Roots Music Report

“A man from England called Mississippi with an ear for the classic and an eye on the future has nailed the Chicago sound. Never mind where he’s from, it’s all about where you are now, and this is sensational. Rating 9.5/10”, Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume Music

“The album is a joy to behold and to anyone who has even tried tackling the guitar you’ll know there is playing the blues and then there is “playing the blues” and Mississippi does the latter. We are very lucky in the UK to have such a rich pool of players of serious quality that we can call our own and Mississippi is another one for me, to add to that list”, Rocknloadmag.com

“MacDonald’s songs are expressive, creatively written, and not loaded down with cliches. He’s also a strong and genuine singer who puts his lines across with fervor and belief. Combine that voice with a bold and tasty guitar style and you get a winner every time…..Mississippi MacDonald is a large talent who sounds like he’s finding his mode and blowing things up. Pick up Do Right, Say Right and make your own day. Highly recommended.” Mike O’Cull, Rock and Blues Muse

“This album is such a beautiful mix of Blues, Blues Rock, Rhythm and Blues and Soul, a joy to listen to. With mostly medium tempo songs, great hooks and musicianship and a tip of the hat to the old blues players of the past and their classic recordings, this is one album to put in the player and sing along to. Bravo!“ Anita Stewart, Rock At Night

HRH Blues Radio Show – Album of The Month, November ’21 “…this album and musicianship is off the charts good.. this, for me, is perfect blues…” Steve Beastie, HRH Blues

“Mississippi MacDonald is a blues aficionado, a devotee…and listening to his latest album Do Right, Say Right, you could easily be convinced he’s from the Windy City.  Or maybe Memphis. And you’d be wrong either way – he’s from London.  But having immersed himself in electric blues and Southern soul since he was in short trousers, that’s the kind of sound he produces. It’s so well put together.  All the pieces are assembled with hand-crafted with precision and, one imagines, no small amount of luuurve”. Iain Cameron, Blues Enthused

“….On a record with plenty to love there’s a few that really stand out for me. First the wonderful almost Gospel, down at heel  ‘Drinker’s Blues’; the laid back and loose ‘Let Me Explore Your Mind’; and the wonderful single “I Was Wrong’ which just shows why MM is picking up all these accolades. When you add to that the wry humour of tracks like ‘That’s It I Quit’ and the searing Hammond on ‘I Heard It Twice’ then you’ll be hooked! Great stuff! 8 / 10….” Mark Diggins, The Rockpit

“This is soulful blues at it’s very best..Songs like I Was Wrong, Drinker’s Blues,and Let Me Explore Your Mind already sound like timeless Blues classics now! I’ll bet he will live on stage blow away everyone. You can’t get much close to pure Blues than this….” Strutterzine

“…..a stunning new release…… we are witnessing a real blues masterclass here…” Darren McIntyre, JaceMedia.

“The blues is in good hands with Mississippi MacDonald. He has made an album destined for many a blues fans collection. Great fun to listen to and here’ hoping he gets out on the road to play these songs soon, as the blues is music made for the live arena. ****Jason Ritchie, GetReadyToRock

Track Listing

1 I Was Wrong (MacDonald)

2 I Heard It Twice (MacDonald)

3 It Can’t Hurt Me (MacDonald)

4 Drinkers Blues (MacDonald)

5 Let Me Explore Your Mind (MacDonald)

6 That’s It I Quit (MacDonald)

7 If You Want A Good Cup Of Coffee (MacDonald)

8 Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pocket (MacDonald)

9 Your Wife Is Cheating On Us (LaSalle)


Mississippi MacDonald : Vocals and Guitar
Phil Dearing : Keyboards and Guitar
Elliot Boughen : Bass
Mark Johnson-Brown : Drums
Lucy Dearing : Backing Vocals
Produced by Phil Dearing
Mixed and Mastered at L Sound, London (info@lsound.london)

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