Mississippi MacDonald is a blues musician from London, UK. He has been playing since he was 11 years old and has travelled extensively on the US blues trail. He has met BB King, Pinetop Perkins, Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith and Lucky Peterson. In 2010, he was part of the team that purchased a gravestone for the late Hi Records recording artist and soul legend, OV Wright.

For bookings, please contact ol_macd@yahoo.co.uk or call 07816 827373.


  1. Saw you perform at The Middle Ei8ht last night and all I can say is that anyone who wasn’t there will have to live with that regret for the rest of their life!

  2. Just listened to the new album who says Christmas does not come early WOW absolutely blew me away fantastic stunningly wonderful

  3. “With the Soul Fixers” the new L Sound release by Mississippi McDonald and Steve Bailey is a monster. McDonald is a stellar vocalist, masterful guitarist and surrounds himself with a top notch cast including the dazzling Steve Bailey. Very highly recommended. Malcolm Kennedy, Washington Blues Society

  4. Having seen the band performing last year, most recently I watched you with the Soul Fixers at the Oval, Croydon, on Saturday 7th april ’18. What a great band and excellent sound – top quality, and a great evening!

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